Home Made Energy was written by Bill Ford who is a scientist and an energy consultant from California. Home Made Energy contains the method and instructions which he designed to generate your own electricity at home through your homemade solar panels and wind turbines. It is a guide that is aimed for beginners and it contains the vital information that all new “green” enthusiasts should know.


We reviewed based on the reviews and feedbacks from actual homemade energy users and this is what we found.


The users like because:

  • You can download it a few minutes after ordering it.
  • It is a very detailed yet simple step-by-step illustrated manual.
  • Has a step-by-step installation diagram.
  • It has tips on how and where to get the materials you’ll need and how to get them at a discount.
  • There’s also an Excel spreadsheet to help you calculate the electricity your appliances use and how many solar panels you’ll need to generate enough electricity to support your needs.
  • Written for the layman no technical jargon was used.
  • It will also give you tips on which renewable energy to use, depending on your location.
  • Includes 7 videos to help you through.
  • The videos showed mistakes in building solar panels; however it also showed how to fix those errors and explained why it happened so you don’t make the same mistakes.
  • It is the cheapest do-it-yourself guide for solar panels and wind turbines available online.
  • The customer service via email responds right away.
  • It is tied with ClickBank, which has a 60-day 100% money back guarantee so if you don’t feel satisfied, you can always get your money back.


The users dislike because:

  • You have to spend more time in figuring out the diagrams.
  • The instructions aren’t very detailed. It lacks the essential details such as the exact specifications for the motor/generator and for the wind turbine.
  • No video for building the wind turbine.
  • The written guide lacked substance and extra information some reviewers say.
  • Needs to be regularly updated.


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  1. Wayne Kitaji says:

    I received an email stating that I would get all three products for one price ($47) but was charged for the two additional products ($67 and $47).

    How do I get credit for the two products?

  2. I like wind turbine energy generation in lieu of solar power solutions. Wind turbines be capable of generate electricity longer then photo voltaic

    • admin says:

      Hi Shonna,

      Are you currently using a Wind Turbine System? Did you build it yourself or you hired somebody?

      Thank you for sharing with us.

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