Home Made Energy Scam! Must Read!



Is HomemadeEnergy the solution? Electrical bills, car insurance, medical bills and others expenses are unavoidable expenses that you have to incur every month and they may consume a very large part of your budget. If you have to pay your electric bill every month, why no save money while you do it? And at the same time help save mother earth.

In recent years, electricians, and solar energy enthusiasts have found a way to use renewable energy in your home at a cheaper price that will help you save a ton of money and help minimize the effects of global warming.

Welcome to HomeMadeEnergy Scam! We realize that the hardest part of building your own Solar Panel or Wind Turbine is to find information on how to do it effectively. Our mission is to help you find the best Do it yourself program that best teach you how to build your own solar panels and your own wind turbines safely and cheap.

We created an eBook called the Guide to Energy Freedom to help you recognize which Do it yourself program to trust. In order to achieve this, we reviewed the most popular guides available online with each other. We evaluated the best offer, the best customer service, and the best set of instructions based on the reviews and feedbacks from actual homemadeenergy users.

Are you worried about a massive and expensive rooftop solar project? The Solar Micro Grid Station makes solar energy more cost-effective, practical and budget friendly (it qualifies for utility cash rebates and the 30% federal tax credit).

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